Get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of

with sheets made from the world's finest long-staple, organic cotton

Sourced directly from the farm and made in-house, luxury has never been so affordable

Not all cotton is created equal.

Cotton quality is determined by fiber length — the longer the better. 

Our unique strain of organic, long staple cotton is grown in the valleys below the Himalayas, widely recognized as being a home to the most unbelievably soft cotton on earth.


We're Direct-To-Farm

Normally, high-end cotton is shuffled through an expensive chain of middlemen, from regional traders to massive raw materials wholesalers, before it even gets to the manufacturers – much less the brands you actually buy from.

We’ve gone directly to the source - not direct to wholesaler, not direct to factory, but direct to farm. By dealing directly with farmers we’ve done the impossible – produced luxury organic cotton bedding at an unbeatable price.

Our bundles do the work for you

Minimal Scandinavian? Classic neutrals? Bohemian accents? Whatever your style profile, even if you're not sure what we're even talking about, we've got a bundle for you. 

Foundation Sets

From fitted sheet to duvet cover, our foundations give you everything you need to upgrade your bed – no more dull, mono-color, or mismatched bedding. Our design team has carefully curated each foundations' color and texture to elevate your room, and match seamlessly with one of our accent bundles.

Accent Bundles

Our accent bundles are organized by aesthetic making it easy to get that look you've been going for. The one & done lumbar pillow  effortlessly ups your bedroom game, and our ultra-cozy throws pair perfectly to add texture and character to your room.

Get your best night's sleep with a clean conscience.

Education & Empowerment

Education drives social and economic equality, and that’s why we sponsor one month of tuition and meals for a student  at the Hanuman Girls’ School in Rajasthan, India, for every set we sell!

GOTS certified organic

We’re about products that do right by our customers and the environment. Our bedding is certified 100% GOTS Organic – each piece was grown free of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs. 

CERTIFIED fair trade

We’re proud to be 100% Fair Trade certified. This commitment means safe and comfortable working conditions for our farmers, and living wages to support their families.